Have you ever had all the intention of doing something, taking action…but you didn’t? Once or twice may be a fluke. But it seems to happen time and again.

It’s almost as if on some level, you don’t want to take the next step.

That’s entirely possible.

A theme of the wordcounter.best blog is finding ways to write more, and better.

But whether it’s writer’s block, or an idea drought, or procrastination, these intangible hesitations get in the way of our ability to reach our potential.

In these cases, we are our own worst enemy. And it doesn’t even really make sense.

This week’s Writing Prompt Wednesday relates to the theme of elusive, intangible obstacles that seem to defy physics:

What is something that causes you hesitation, but doesn’t seem to make sense? Something that perenially gives you pause, slows you down, and makes you apply effort to overcome. When you get past it, you wonder what it was that was actually so difficult, because surprisingly, it wasn’t. You promise yourself next time, you’ll just move through it. But it sneaks up on you again, and you fall into your old ways.

Set your timer for 5 minutes, or 10 if you prefer. Take a minute or two to gather your thoughts. Then start writing.

If you are interested in sharing, feel free to send yours along to wordcounter dot best at outlook dot com. Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

As usual, I will share my entry in tomorrow’s post. See you then!