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Welcome to the all-new Wordcounter.Best for 2021!

Simple. Straightforward. Wordcounter.

Why is this the best wordcounter?

Well, maybe you just need a simple online word counting tool. No log in, no app, no need to fire up Word. Just word stats, fast and private.

But how often are you actually working in word processor? Compared to writing or communicating outside of a word processor? And that's where online versions of these tools come in handy.

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Email message word counts

Most of our writing already happens in a browser. Take email messages, for example. Is that email too long? It’s not always obvious. Having more information about how your message might be received may be handy. But you don't want to have to create yet another empty document just to check your word count, character count or other word statistics (coming soon!).

With this tool, just copy/paste and instantly get your results! No sending that draft to another server. Done? Close the browser window. No waiting for a hefty word processor to load, or even Google Docs or Microsoft Word online. Those applications are great and do a lot more, but sometimes you just want to get quick insight into your written communications.

Social media post character / word counts

What about your social media posts? You might want to know things like whether your post is too long (or too short!). Of course, the app can tell you, but if you're not signed into your Twitter account and you want to see if that quote or snippet is going to be too long, you can paste it here and find out fast.

Text message word counts

If you're on your phone on a mobile messaging app - Facebook Messenger, Slack, Signal, Whatsapp, Telegram, or just plain old Messages (or iMessages), copy the text and get your word or character counts instantly. The text doesn’t leave the page, so you control whose eyes see it.

Word counts on mobile

More and more of life is on-the-go, so you’re writing more or more of your thoughts outside of a word processor app, and away from the desktop. Our designed-for-mobile interface combined with lightweight, modern JavaScript implementation gets you immediate, quantifiable insights into your writing, wherever you are.

Cloud-Native, Browser-Based Online Tools

We offer simple, self-contained, lightweight and privacy-oriented, browser-based tools. By design, the words you copy and paste into the text area are counted in real-time, right in your browser. Your content does not need to be sent to a server to be processed, making your experience faster and more private!

Stay tuned for more simple, modern tools and additional features!