Welcome to Writing Prompt Wednesday!

This is a simple approach to getting ideas and words flowing. The goal is to put some thoughts to paper, so don’t worry too much about the perfect phrasing or grammar.

It’s also going to be brief, so it can become a habit.

We’ll have one question, and a timer. My rule of thumb is 5 minutes from the first word you write or type. So take a minute or two to think, then start writing and see where you land.

You could use our word counter tool as a text box, or just fire up any note taking app. (Note to self: add a timer feature!)

Here goes:

What is a recent idea or concept you’ve encountered that has made your life better?

We’re in the process of creating a form for submissions, but if you are interested in sharing, feel free to send yours along to wordcounter dot best at outlook dot com. Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

I’ll share mine in tomorrow’s post!